Welcome to the Golden Roar Marching Band


Creating or Updating Your Account

IMPORTANT: We use parent and student emails entered in this registration to communicate with you throughout the year.

  1. Select LOGIN.
    • If you are a first time user, click Create Account and verify your email to continue.
    • If you have a Membership Toolkit account (either with the band or another organization or any PTA), login with your current email and password.

  1. Select My Account and click My Forms/Paperwork.
  2. Select Parent & Student Information.
    • Fill in the Parent (and 2nd Parent, if applicable) information.
      • If you want both parents to be able to manage the account, select Yes or No from the drop-down.
    • Select Next Step to verify or enter your student information.
    • Fill in student information. If you have a returning student, verify that information is correct. 2021-2022 9thgraders have been promoted to 10th grade for 2022-2023 on May 28, 2022.
      • Grade–Choose the appropriate grade for the 2022-2023 school year.
      • Marching Status–Choose the appropriate selection (Color Guard, Drumline, Marcher, Front Ensemble).
      • Band Class–Choose the band class in which your student will be placed for the fall.
      • Concert Instrument–Choose the instrument your student plays.
      • Marching Instrument–Choose the instrument your student will march with. Choose Color Guard or Drum Major, as appropriate.
    • If you have another student, click I have another Student and enter their information.
  3. When all students have been entered, click Save.

Placing Your Order

  1. Select 2022-2023 Marching Uniform Supplies – REQUIRED for <student name> or 2022-2023 Color Guard Uniform Supplies – REQUIRED for <student name>.
    • The NON-REFUNDABLE Band Fee may be paid in full or through payments. If you need to set up a payment option, contact Diana Overhauser at treasurer@mcmillenhsband.com.
    • The form displayed on your page is based on the marching status and grade chosen when filling out the student information – so it is very important that you have this information correct in Number 3 above.
    • Select the sizes for the items that your student will need. There is a section to order extras, if you think your student will need two of anything, or if your student is a sophomore and needs a replacement item.
    • NOTE: Everyone is required to purchase GAME DAY MEALS. If your student has a food allergy or restriction, you will need to provide a meal for your student from home. If this applies to your student, contact Diana Overhauser at treasurer@mcmillenhsband.com and the $90 will be credited to your account for future purchases. Vegetarian food options are available.
    • Select a Meal Type (regular or vegetarian).
    • Select Add to cart.
    • You will be directed back to your forms page.
  2. Select 2022-2023 McMillen Band Spirit Merchandise Form.
    • You can order spirit wear and spirit items that are currently available. This includes t-shirts, yard signs, car decals, and photo buttons. This form will be updated with additional items, as they become available. NOTE: All Spirit Merchandise must be placed by Tuesday, June 21, 2022.
    • After making your spirit merchandise selections, select Add to cart.
      Result: You will be directed back to your forms page
  3. Proceed to Checkout and follow the instructions to checkout with a credit card.
    NOTE: If you choose to pay by cash or check, fill out the forms, leave the items in your cart, and contact Diana Overhauser at treasurer@mcmillenhsband.com.



After July 1st, fill out a Plano ISD Volunteer Background Check.  This must be done every school year.

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2022-2023 incoming band students and families, please request to join our private Facebook group.

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