The McMillen Band Boosters

Booster Board Position Descriptions


The McMillen Band Boosters will promote and encourage band music and music education in the public schools and surrounding communities and will assist the Band Director(s) in the implementation of the above purpose. The McMillen High School Band Boosters will lend moral support to the band students, help with financial assistance, and further their musical education, thereby making their student experience a positive one.

You are a Booster!

Simply by being a parent of a child in band, you are automatically a McMillen Band Booster! ​ The booster organization is an extremely important and integral part of the McMillen Band. The benefits the organization provides allow the band program to succeed at maximum effectiveness and efficiency. The boosters assist and/or lead the band in fundraising, game day and contest meals, moving/loading equipment, concert and marching uniforms, social events, the annual Band Awards Gala, and much more. There are different levels of involvement within the Booster Organization. The McMillen Band Boosters are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. 


McMillen High School Band Booster Bylaws

2021-2022 Boosters

If you are interested in serving on the McMillen Band Booster Board, please contact ​


Sheila Freeman


Vice President
Layla Pugliese


Val Haynes


Treasurer / MTK

Diana Overhauser



Allyson Garnand, Chair

OPEN, Co-Chair



Michele Morgan, Chair

Layla Pugliese, Co-chair



OPEN, Chair

OPEN, Co-Chair



Natalie Kotak, Chair

Cindy Overturf, Co-Chair


OPEN, Chair

OPEN, Co-Chair


Color Guard

Nicole Cone, Chair

OPEN, Co-Chair


Spirit (Snacks & Treats)

Allyson Garnand, Chair

OPEN, Co-Chair



OPEN, Chair

OPEN, Co-Chair



OPEN, Chair


Webmaster / MTK Admin

Joshua Martin



OPEN, Chair




Joshua Martin, Chair

OPEN, Co-Chair

















Joshua Kurzweil


Associate Director

Lindsay Barnhill


Percussion Instructor

Kevin West


Color Guard Director

Katherine Navarro


Front Ensemble

Shaun Gladney



Booster Board Position Descriptions

The intent is to have two people work on this job together, preferably headed by a sophomore parent and co-chaired by a freshman parent. The expectation is for the freshman parent to move up into the lead position during their sophomore year.


​If you are interested in helping on the Booster board, please contact our Booster President at


Appointed by Band Director; Meets weekly with band directors; attends all functions where the band is involved. Ensures that the Band Boosters are working to meet the needs of the band directors and the band; coordinates the efforts of the Band Booster Board to that end. ; signer on the Band Booster bank account; Must be able to interact well with many different people, communicate effectively, be the liaison between the Boosters and the Directors; not take things personally and be able to diffuse situations.

Vice President

Works closely with the president; attends all functions when the band is involved; presides over meetings and events in the absence of the president; aids the president as needed. Not required, but would be advantageous to hold the vice president position with intentions of holding the president position the following year, pending director approval; allows you to learn different roles on the Board and the duties of the president. Signer on the Band Booster bank account.

Band Awards Gala Chair

This person works with the directors to plan the awards, the theme, design the invitations, decorations, tickets, sell tickets, create the award certificates, set-up, and other facets of the Awards Gala. Works with the Hospitality Chair to organize the dinner portion of the event.

Buttons & Photography

Historically, the Band Boosters have used a parent photographer to take pictures of all the students in the band uniform and make spirit buttons from them and sell to family who may want to wear them to the games. The Band Boosters own the button-making machine. As photographer, pictures are taken of each student individually, in instrument sections, and as a whole unit. These pictures are sent to yearbook staff, as well as to the cheer program for the game media guide. In addition, we encourage photos to be taken of the band at events and in the stands and be uploaded to the Band Shutterfly site.

Chaperones Chair (CC)

CC -check on Membership Toolkit (MTK) to make sure enough volunteers signed up for all duties. If not, call or email boosters for volunteers; Send email reminder one or two days prior to event; Check if all volunteers have background check; Attend all band events requiring chaperones. There are 2 co-chairs so that if one cannot make an event or board meeting, the other co-chair can cover; Arrive one hour prior to event and check off volunteers from list and call if they haven't showed up within 30 mins. of the event; Assign volunteers with a lead for each bus and assigned duties; Have first-aid backpacks filled for each bus; receive student bus assignments from the directors, attach to clipboards with a pen in each backpack; Pass out volunteer badges; Include volunteer duty list on the clipboard.

Event Chaperones (EC)

Event Chaperones will need arrive between 1-2 hours before the band is scheduled to leave for an event. The specific time will be determined after the director's itinerary is posted. The chaperone chair will hold a short meeting with all chaperones to go over specific jobs and assignments. Each chaperone will be given pre-performance assignments, bus assignments, chaperone badges, and specific performance assignments at this time.


If you are the Lead on the bus, do roll call on list making sure everyone is on the bus prior to leaving to and from the event; Supervise band members on the bus and at the game; Help post bus # signs - (Right front - Ask bus driver for his preference, first window on the right side and the right back window); walk with marchers in pairs to the restroom and back; help move podiums and other band equipment on and off the field before/after half time performance; Help to load and unload equipment onto truck if needed. (Kids usually do this themselves); Help pass out and retrieve the plumes; help pass out waters after halftime and gather trash before leaving the stands; Carry plumes and water coolers to/from the buses; Check the buses for cleanliness after students have unloaded and remove any left items and trash.


This is a very important job, as it plans fundraisers to benefit the entire band, as well as gives individual students the ability to fund-raise needed funds for band fees, the spring trip, competition fees, spirit wear, and more. Typically, the band has a few fundraisers that raise money for the band as a whole such as spirit nights (Chick Fil A, Backyard Murphy, Sonic), online gift cards (Honey Baked Ham), and tamales.  This person works closely with the treasurer, president, and directors to plan successful fundraisers that meet the financial needs of the band.


Uses photos that are taken throughout the year to create a scrapbook of the year’s band activities. This scrapbook has been made available for purchase in past years, or burned to CD’s and sold. Provides a copy of the CD to the directors to keep as a recording if that’s year’s students, band activities, and awards.


Person responsible for organizing, ordering, purchasing and serving meals during summer band, before games and other events including contests, marching festivals, and the Awards Gala, all while working within a budget. This person needs to be very organized, able to enforce the “no pay, no eat” policy, and be able to resist the hungry requests from never-full teenagers!


Merchandise Chair

Person chooses a vendor and works very closely with the directors to create fun band merchandise that is offered for sale to raise money for the band. This can include t-shirts, pajamas, pink-out shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, blankets, etc. It is important to not pre-purchase too many items; we do not want money tied up in spirit wear that does not sell. It is important that these designs be primarily created over the summer and are ready to be sold when Summer Band begins.


Props Chair

Working under guidance of Band Director to design and build props needed for Marching session. 

Practice Gear

This position requires people who are very organized. These two people coordinate with a vendor to order the following items: Shirt and shorts that go under the band uniforms, Uniform socks, Marching shoes, Show shirt, Band shirt for Pep Rally, Gloves, Dot books, Shoe strings for dot books, Tie string bags with Band logo, Water jug with the Band logo, and Color guard uniforms and jackets. They are responsible for having sample sizes available for marchers to try on when they come to audition, collecting and placing the orders, sorting the orders by student, and facilitates pickup of all practice gear by students. Work to resolve any item issues.


Take minutes at every Band Booster Board meeting, held monthly in the band hall. Type the minutes and distribute to all Band Booster Board members prior to the next month’s meeting; Create and pass around a sign-in sheet for the Board meetings; take minutes of any general Band Booster meetings.


Spirit Chair

This chair coordinates treats for the students which includes candy after uniforms are turned in at the band hall after games and events; create and put up locker signs on all band student lockers in the school just prior to the first football game; treat bags after larger competitions; maintaining the Band bulletin board, located at the end of the fine arts hall facing the carpool lane, and working with the directors to also participate in the Fine Arts bulletin board, located in the band hallway.

Treasurer/ Membership Toolkit


Maintain and manage Membership Toolkit (MTK); create forms and orders on MTK; works closely with the president and the band directors; Maintains all financial records: deposits, disbursements, reconciling accounts, taxes, etc.; needs to interface with all chairs that require a budget for their responsibility; Manage amendments and other budget-related tasks; Maintains student records in CHARMS and send statements monthly, or as needed; collects all outstanding fees: coordinates payments of fees from band student families; reports monthly at Band Booster Board meetings; Use the accounting feature on MTK, or other accounting software. Must be able to interact and communicate effectively with people and respond to requests and questions in a timely manner. Primary Signer of Band Booster bank account.


Measure band students & assign uniforms in August before marching season; Check out and check in uniforms before/after each game; Arrange for uniforms to be dry cleaned twice during the marching season; Measure band students & assign concert uniforms (tuxedos & dresses) after marching season; Coordinate with Uniform Rep to purchase new concert uniforms and alter uniforms to fit; arrange for tuxedos to be dry cleaned after concert season.

Water and Ice Lead

Not a chair position, but a Lead under the Chaperone Chair. Fill coolers with ice and water to be loaded on the truck; usually able to get ice from the cafeteria. If not, purchase ice and turn in receipts for reimbursement. Have one cooler available for students to fill their water jugs.


Works with the President and Directors to build and maintain the band website.


Upcoming Events

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