Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not getting communication from the directors?

Make sure you have a Membership Toolkit account on and that all your and your child’s information is correct.

What is Summer Band Camp?​

Summer Band Camp begins every summer before classes resume. Our leadership, drumline, and color guard meet in the final week of July, with all members meeting the first week of August. These weeks before school are extremely important for us to have a successful marching season. We highly encourage our member's families to schedule vacations and trips in the early parts of the summer break.

Am I required to be in the marching band?

YES! Per Plano ISD policy, all members of the McMillen High School Band are automatically enrolled in the marching band. This can feel deceivingly overwhelming to new students and may turn some off of the activity. However, this new experience is incredible. You will meet many new people, make great music, and be a part of the largest organization on campus. Everybody loves the band!

Can I do High School Band and be enrolled in Honors/AP/Pre-AP classes?

YES! If you have been told balancing band and class is impossible, please DO NOT LISTEN! In fact, most of our band members are enrolled in at least one (92%) or at least two (85%) above level classes! Over the past two (2) full school years, the McMillen Band has experienced less than five (5) eligibility issues.

Can I do High School Band if I am ALSO in (INSERT SPORT/CLUB/ACTIVITY HERE)?

YES! Your band directors, coaches, and teachers are all aware that many students are involved (AND SUCCESSFUL) in multiple activities. In the McMillen Band, we have members involved in all sports at McMillen and a variety of extracurricular clubs. With a little effort, you will be successful and have fun. Communication is key. 

What is the time commitment like?

Per Texas law, rehearsals and practices outside of school time cannot exceed eight (8) hours per week once the school year has begun. Our marching rehearsals are every morning from 7:00 - 8:30, excluding mornings after a football game. During the marching season there are Thursday night football game commitments (performances) as well as two Saturday Contests (competition) throughout the Fall Semester. See our Calendar for reference. 

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