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This Week in MHS Band - 9/26

MHS Band Students & Parents,

Congratulations to our MHS Battery & Front Ensemble who performed at PdlC (Plano Drumline Contest) this past Saturday at Clark Stadium!  Lots of great... see more.

Band Handbook

The Band Handbook is now available for viewing. 


The handbook and its contents were reviewed during the mandatory parent meeting at the beginning of the year.

MHS Band Calendar Subscription Issue

We have discovered an issue with the 'MHS Band' calendar subscription not sync'ing reoccuring events. 


Please use the Subscribe button in the embedded calendar to the right.  This direct .ical calendar feed to Google works properly.

Join our private 2022 Facebook group

All band students and families, please request to join our 2022-2023 private Facebook group

It Takes A Village

Parents, we need your help to make this year successful!   Throughout the Fall we need help on game days, competition days, and throughout the week.


For details, checkout our volunteer details.


Also, there are several open booster positions that if filled would help ease the burden from other board members covering these responsibilities.

Creating or Updating Your Account

IMPORTANT: We use parent and student emails entered in this registration to communicate with you throughout the year.

  1. Select LOGIN.
    • If you are a first time user, click Create Account and verify your email to continue.
    • If you have a Membership Toolkit account (either with the band or another organization or any PTA), login with your current email and password.

  1. Select My Account and click My Forms/Paperwork.
  2. Select Parent & Student Information.
    • Fill in the Parent (and 2nd Parent, if applicable) information.
      • If you want both parents to be able to manage the account, select Yes or No from the drop-down.
    • Select Next Step to verify or enter your student information.
    • Fill in student information. If you have a returning student, verify that information is correct. 2021-2022 9thgraders have been promoted to 10th grade for 2022-2023 on May 28, 2022.
      • Grade–Choose the appropriate grade for the 2022-2023 school year.
      • Marching Status–Choose the appropriate selection (Color Guard, Drumline, Marcher, Front Ensemble).
      • Band Class–Choose the band class in which your student will be placed for the fall.
      • Concert Instrument–Choose the instrument your student plays.
      • Marching Instrument–Choose the instrument your student will march with. Choose Color Guard or Drum Major, as appropriate.
    • If you have another student, click I have another Student and enter their information.
  3. When all students have been entered, click Save.

Placing Your Order

  1. Select 2022-2023 Marching Uniform Supplies – REQUIRED for <student name> or 2022-2023 Color Guard Uniform Supplies – REQUIRED for <student name>.
    • The NON-REFUNDABLE Band Fee may be paid in full or through payments. If you need to set up a payment option, contact Diana Overhauser at treasurer@mcmillenhsband.com.
    • The form displayed on your page is based on the marching status and grade chosen when filling out the student information – so it is very important that you have this information correct in Number 3 above.
    • Select the sizes for the items that your student will need. There is a section to order extras, if you think your student will need two of anything, or if your student is a sophomore and needs a replacement item.
    • NOTE: Everyone is required to purchase GAME DAY MEALS. If your student has a food allergy or restriction, you will need to provide a meal for your student from home. If this applies to your student, contact Diana Overhauser at treasurer@mcmillenhsband.com and the $90 will be credited to your account for future purchases. Vegetarian food options are available.
    • Select a Meal Type (regular or vegetarian).
    • Select Add to cart.
    • You will be directed back to your forms page.
  2. Select 2022-2023 McMillen Band Spirit Merchandise Form.
    • You can order spirit wear and spirit items that are currently available. This includes t-shirts, yard signs, car decals, and photo buttons. This form will be updated with additional items, as they become available. NOTE: All Spirit Merchandise must be placed by Tuesday, June 21, 2022.
    • After making your spirit merchandise selections, select Add to cart.
      Result: You will be directed back to your forms page
  3. Proceed to Checkout and follow the instructions to checkout with a credit card.
    NOTE: If you choose to pay by cash or check, fill out the forms, leave the items in your cart, and contact Diana Overhauser at treasurer@mcmillenhsband.com.


Upcoming Events

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